The ASIGN system

ASIGN is an innovative Image Communications Solution, providing the most efficient transfer of high quality photos, videos and other sensory data.

The fundamental challenge in digital communications form the basis for ASIGN:

The need for rapid access to high quality visual data from remote field sites anywhere in the world.

3 steps for disaster management

This might sound trivial, but full size digital photos produce large files, particularly as camera resolution is on the increase.

At the same time, mobile satellite and many mobile wireless communication channels cannot support the bandwidth required for low-delay and low-cost transfer of high quality, full optical resolution images.

The solution thus far have meant filtering out and downsizing images for FTP or email transfer. However ASIGN allows all images the observer wants, in any resolution required, to be sent to an operations center.

High Quality

ASIGN is optimized for providing both rapid transfer and access to the highest quality photo and video information, even in remote areas. This is done faster and cheaper than any other solution. At the same time, full integration with photo triggering sensors allows for true multi-source observations.


ASIGN supports direct GPS tagging and integrates with GIS and rapid mapping. Combined with human advice and computer processing, this is a powerful tool for situational awareness and quality management.

Low cost - High Speed

ASIGN images can be received, processed and distributed worldwide in less than a minute after capture in a cost effective, fully controlled, manner.

Satellite communications with GR4-COMS

Global Rapid, Reliable, Resilient, Robust Communications Optimized for Mobile and Satellite are essential in achieving universal coverage and consistent global performance, thus creating independence from local infrastructure.

Multicast distribution

ASIGN is the only solution supporting reliable satellite multicast using Inmarsat BGAN. Group sending with robust protocols can be used when multicast is not available.

In short

ASIGN: Adaptive System Image-communications in Global Networks.



At a quality and cost specified by You.

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ASIGN use cases

Jan 2012: Power utility company Trønder Energi. Power line and mast inspection.

Jan 2012: UN and International Organization for Migration (IOM) assessment mission on Haiti.

March 2012: The ACRIMAS Pilot Case in the European Crisis Management Laboratory (ECML) of the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.

Products Overview

AnsuR’s main product focus is on IP layer hybrid networking solutions combining satellite and radio technology. A key area is GSM/UMTS and WiMAX/WiFi combinations with broadband and mobile satellite systems, such as DVB-RCS and BGAN.

Portable and fixed solutions providing regional infrastructures via satellites are being developed in European R&D projects with some of the best players in the industry.

Other important areas include multicast and satellite navigation/communications synergies.

As a result of the above focus AnsuR has also developed the ASIGN image communications solution, the most optimum GPS tagged image communications for networks where a full broadband connection is missing.