About the company name AnsuR and the product name RAIDO


AnsuR is to be pronounced as the English word Answer, and Raido as Ride-o. Both AnsuR and Raido are names of old, Norse RUNES, used for more than 1000 years in Europe, until the Latin alphabet took over. The Elder Futhark runes were the first ones, probably from around 100 AD, although it is not certain when they came, and the latest versions were in use in Scandinavia until 20th Century. The term FUTHARK simply refers to the first Runes of the alphabet as F – U – Th – A – R – K. In addition to being able to be carved in wood – and stone, all runes have fairly complex meanings, including spiritual and magic meanings. Over more than thousand years the Runes were both drawn and pronounced differently.

AnsuR has been working internationally since the first day.

The rune A is called ansuR,. It is the rune of the Gods, and implies inspiration, communication, wisdom, ideas and good advice. It is related to responsibility, to swear and to provide answers, and wisdom came from the Gods, maybe through a person speaking, who then apparently had the up- and downlink in order. Great when working with satellites. AnsuR is then the overall inspiration, innovation and the ideas. The rune R, Raido, literally is the root of the English word “ride” as in riding a horse. It implies journey where one develops and also a messenger. Several old texts imply that while it may look easy, siting in the saddle for a long time or in battle is hard and onw needs to always grow and develop.

While AnsuR may mean Talk to talk, Raido is to Walk the Walk. AnsuR is the vision and Raido is the venture.

Being a Norwegian company we have chosen to name it and the core system in line with old Norwegian traditions, rather than for example using Greek, Latin or English. Well, English anyway contains several thousands of word from Scandinavia, and some argue it is actually a Scandinavian language.

What we have achived - innovation awards, projects


For outstanding achievements, AnsuR has won several innovation award, like:

  • The DnB Innovation award in Norway
  • The Copernicus Masters, for contributions to Earth Observations
  • The Galileo Matters, for contributions to Satellite Navigations
  • The Selmer Award, for the contributions to the Insurance market

We have also won a range of Innovation Projects under Horizon 2020, FP7, FP6 and European Space Agency.

The AnsuR founder has also been chairing the satellite standards work since 2007 in DVB-RCS (Geneva). He has done a large number evaluations of EU proposals and project reviews. He occasionally lectures at universities, is often a conference speaker and has published a good number of scientific and technical papers.

AnsuR has been working internationally since the first day.

Who we work with - users, partners


AnsuR is and has been working world wide with a range of prominent partners, like:

  • Inmarsat: a key partner from our first year of foundations, has Certified our solutions.
  • Telespazio, where we have had several joint projects and offers and co-branded our software. We are also an Inmarsat Service Provider with Telespazio.
  • Airbus, formerly Cassidian, where we are a registered partner for mission-critical networks. We also work with Airbus in Oslo and France.
  • United Nations, a key partner in the global crisis and disaster management area.
  • European Civil Protection: AnsuR supports training and operations with our Technology
  • Motorola Solutions have allowed us to test and verify our software for the most advanced Tetra/Teds network in the world in Norway
  • dNK – Nødnett; the Norwegian mission-critical communications network
  • FFI – Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, and the Norwegian Defense, who was our first customer.
  • Norwegian Police, Oslo: Whom we have been working with advancing our software for police operations
  • Danish Police, over several years we have had the pleasure to work with Denmark
  • Hong Kong Police; an extremely skilled user group
  • Guardia Civil, Spain; Covers a vast amount of critical operations
  • BNPB – The Indonesian Civil Protection; With more natural disasters than anywhere in the world, we are proud to have provided our software solutions.
  • DSB – Norwegian Civil Protection, have been a long-time client and partner
  • Teleplan – whom we are doing some amazing projects with for The Bank of Norway
  • TriaGnoSys; were one of our first partners and is one of the best
  • Arycom; partner and reseller in Brazil
  • iCast Asia; Partner and reseller in Asia
  • Microdrones, has been a proud partner with drones for many years, handled via BirdEye.
  • DJI, worlds largest manufacturer of drones, and we work with professional solutions
  • GetNørd; partner for really tough and rugged smartphones for critical operations

What we do


AnsuR develops the RAIDO software to solve the challenges related to communication and networking of mission-critical visual data.

Where we are


AnsuR is currently located at Fornebu near Oslo in Norway, and in Barcelona, Spain. A sales company is set up in the US.

  • AnsuR is the aggregation of the companies
  • AnsuR Technologies: The main technology company
  • AnsuR BirdEye: Applying our solutions to and integrating with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Ansurance: Applying reliable and trustful image communication to insurance claims management.
  • AnsuR Solutions Barcelona: where we have a great team of developers and sales for related markets.
  • AnsuR Solutions Inc: Which is a sales entity registered in United States, ready to be ramped up in the future.

Who we are


AnsuR is a highly talented, dedicated and focused small group of people working to create the best innovative technology, solutions and impact related to our focus area. AnsuR is fully owned by the founders, employees, board members and key people.



AnsuR helps users communicate high precision visual content using a minimum of bandwidth. Full precision sensor data for content with operational effect can be achieved at more than 99% savings. Improved visual data can help people better understand complex situations during critical situations where rapid decisions may save lives, costs or protect our society.

AnsuR was started in Oslo, Norway, 2005, by Dr. Harald Skinnemoen, out of a desire to create groundbreaking communication solutions for real-world challenges applied to meaningful situations based on amazing technologies we know well, and love to work with.  The technologies involve photos, video, information theory and critical communications, radio systems, networking, space (satcom, navigation, earth observation) and software development.

Critical communication systems need to work under critical conditions anywhere and anytime, and whether basing operational communication on mobile satellites, private radio networks or commercial cellular networks, or a combination of several, network capacity and communication bandwidth commonly turn out to be fundamental challenges. Even the most modern cell-phone networks have areas less well covered in a global perspective, and can be affected by natural or man-made incidents, in which cases often the demand for capacity increases. Not to mention communication at sea, or from the air, where both are encompassing unmanned surface or aerial vehicles that often carry cameras. While incredible achievements allows many of us to access high speed wireless cellular networks on a day to day basis, critical use cases and mission-critical networks are commonly not sitting idle with high bandwidth just in case they are needed. Mobile satellite communication systems, able to communicate with small, portable devices anywhere and anytime have a limited spectrum allocation, satellites have a lifetime of 15-20 years, and planning and procuring and launching a new system can take more than half a decade. Mission-critical TETRA networks used world-wide in over 100 countries have data rates associated with a voice only service, with the modern Norwegian network having maximum capacity of 80 kbps; similar to the GPRS service in 2G cellular networks. Bottom line: When the data is important for operations, then one cannot limit operations to optimal network conditions.

isual situational awareness requires communication of visual content from camera sensors. Often high precision is required and, and it may be required fast. Since digital cameras gained popularity, the camera sensors resolution have increased dramatically, and so has photo file sizes and video communications bandwidth requirements. By 2016, there are commercially available 50 Mpixel photo cameras, and 8k video (16 times larger than HD, with every still frame having 33 mpixels.).

There are fundamental challenges in communicating critical visual content in high precision over potentially slow networks, yet this is potentially when the impact of having eyes on a situation may make a difference.

AnsuR is solving the challenges of high-resolution audio and visual communication over unknown, bandwidth-limited networks, in order to let our users better see what is happening in remote location in situations where it matters.

Solving these challenges offers substantial benefits even for more regular networks too, as one instead of merely “uploading compressed pixels”, users can communicate in real operational time with visual content. Observers and decision-makers can interact.

AnsuR can make a difference by offering a substantially improved visual basis for critical decision, potentially helping to save lives in crisis management and protect people from natural and man-made disasters. It can help police and defense protect our society, allow visual communication from air and sea and let users feel safe that the system always is able to operate.

Combined with satellite navigation we allow users to place their observations in maps in real time, forming an operational picture. And combined with earth observation from satellites, we can provide in-situ observations, even from volunteers using just an app, but a fraction of normal bandwidth.