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Alphasat in orbit

AnsuR´s Innovative Visual Communications Concept


Bandwidth and capacity are real problems

In mission-critical communications networks, like satellite, Tetra and under critical conditions cellular networks, bandwidth and capacity are potentially real problems that need real solutions. In contrast to consumer-grade networks, they really need to perform under critical conditions. Visual data, like photos and video, potentially essential for situational awareness and decision making, may not be communicated with both speed and precision in many real situations.

Images in mission-critical operations

In mission-critical operations, visual data is not there for art, beauty or entertainment, but for information purposes. To describe a current situation, that may need a reaction to manage, and in order to decide what actions are appropriate, visual data, complementing other sources in creating situational awareness, must be obtained, communicated and understood in operational real time, in order to have effect on operations. The aim of photos and video is in other words to support rapid decisions.

Desperate Approaches to Visual Communication

The "desperate approaches" would be applying brute-force or patiently looking for technology break-thoughts:

  • Brute-force would be to get rid of the problem by launching more satellites, or getting hold of more network capacity. 
  • Patience would be to wait for substantially improved image compression. Standards update slowly, and JPG is still common.

AnsuR´s focused, Interactive approach

AnsuR´s interactive mission-critical photo and video communications, ASIGN, is fundamentally different from traditional approaches:

  • ASIGN allows user to focus network capacity on operationally relevant visual content; not wasting bandwidth on non-relevance.
  • ASIGN uses an interactive approach, first sending previews and letting users click on and zoom in on details as needed. 

Resignation Approach to Visual Communication

Most commonly users can neither increase network capacity nor wait for a break-through, so they tend to give up:

  • Limit visual content before sending. Reduce the resolution. Spend longer time. Or more money. 
  • Limit the use of the service or simply do not allow sending photos and video in high definition. 

AnsuR offer significant benefits, 100X more effective solutions

By not "uploading" compressed photos but communicating interactively desired content, significant savings in bandwidth need is commonly seen:

  • Commonly 99% less communication costs and delay, and 100x faster access to high precision information
  • Communicate visually in new situations where earlier it was not possible for any reason
  • Major benefits in network resource management, but letting receivers at operation centres decide priorities. 

GR4-COMS for Communications

GR4-COMS from AnsuR is an optimized protocol and design for obtaining Globally Rapid, Reliable Resilient and Robust Communications Optimized for Mobile and Satellite.

It makes sure data gets through, even over unreliable networks and connections.

GIS and Live Mapping

The ASIGN server can export ASIGN geo-data feeds and export data to professional GIS and Mapping systems. Allowing for a Common Operational Picture


The core objective is to provide analysts and decision makers rapid and reliable access to relevant visual observations anytime and anywhere, even under potentially difficult network conditions. Technology is focused around the operationally most relevant content and three operational phases:

- OBSERVE: relevance, content, communications

- DECIDE: analyze, fusion, processing

- ACT: coordination, communications, feedback

Observations often need reliable geo- and time-tags from satellite navigation systems.

Integration with mapping systems online can provide a Common Operational Picture.

Manage bandwidth & routing

AIR is a software module from which users can remotely control the allocation of bandwidth applications can use on different networks. It can also provide least cost routing and network bonding with several communication devices. AIR can create substantial resilience, and adapt communications to multiple networks, even simultaneously.

3 Levels of communications

Traditionally photos and video clips are significantly compressed before being transferred over radio networks, in order to save bandwidth. Often only a small subset of the data is sent. One way transfer is not interactive communications. There is usually no integrated way to to obtain more data. With ASIGN, interactivity is introduced. Image analysts can focus on relevant content of observations with impact. This is in line with true communication models, beyond the pure technical concepts. ASIGN needs to be experienced. It gives highest accuracy, lowest operational cost, fastest speed and minimum network load. All advantages are significant, often with more than 99% savings – over 100 times performance increase.

3g - Satellite - Tetra

Specific control and management of Quality-of- Service on the specific networks used is possible by integrating modem control commands. On Inmarsat mobile communications (BGAN), software can send data using best effort of guaranteed rate (streaming).