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The ultimate in situational awareness

To us Situational Awareness means being able to know what has happened, where and when. Be that an environmental disaster, a developing situation on an oil-rig, or maybe a security breach; the situation might vary. And it might not be avoidable. But with the technology and products from AnsuR Technologies, the situation definitely can be managed.

As such our solutions become central building blocks in any emergency and disaster management systems.


AnsuR is leading the EU FP7 GEO-PICTURES space project. A key technology developed is the rapid in-field assessment solutions ASIGN from AnsuR, and here it is integrated with a rapid satellite image ordering from KSAT and Rapid Mapping done by UNOSAT. A large number of ASIGN images have been captured and integrated world-wide by UN and EU Civil Protection, and more.  ASIGN runs both on computers and smartphones, and is both for professionals and the civil population who can contribute with crowd-sourcing. See how we helped out in Thailand during the floods in 2011. ASIGN is by now a well-proven operative technology and GEO-PICTURES has been a great success.

The ASIGN crowd-sourcing app is available for Android (soon also iPhone), and allows both early responders, NGOs or the general public to provide and share in-situ observations to global disaster manager. Read more from UNOSAT.

Try it out yourself by using the QR code below. Be ready to help next time!


By Inmarsat: See Live Ops Room


Situational Awareness anytime - anywhere. Also during disasters. Multimedia over unknown band-limited IP networks; such as Satellite, TETRA, Mobile/3G, Radio, and Fixed.


Global Rapid, Reliable, Resilient and Robust Communications Optimized for Mobile and Satellite. When information needs to get there. And back to the field again. Optimized image image communications and Earth Observation data browsers.

Full Network and Quality Control

Unique GR4-COMS optimizes control over quality, speed, and cost of communications. It changes the fundamentals of traditional operations, and lets headquarters in control of the network resource management. Get a rapid visual overview, or zoom in on required details.

Multitude of Sensors and Cameras

Works with all-in-one Android smartphone solutions, compact or professional cameras computers, handheld, fixed and UAV-based platforms, laptops and embedded Linux solutions.

GIS, Rapid Mapping and Earth Observation

Geo-tagged images and observations allow direct mapping into a number of professional GIS systems.

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4-7 May 2015: Unmanned Systems 2015, Atlanta, USA.

19-21 May 2015: Critical Communicatrions World 2015, Barcelona, Spain.





Winner of GMES Masters

ASIGN use cases

Jan 2012: Power utility company Trønder Energi. Power line and mast inspection.

Jan 2012: UN and International Organization for Migration (IOM) assessment mission on Haiti.

March 2012: The ACRIMAS Pilot Case in the European Crisis Management Laboratory (ECML) of the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.