Due to the software’s abilities to quickly send high resolution photo content or video stream in real-time, AnsuR software allows for not only rapid tactical decisions, but also operational decision-making and interaction. A remote expert can guide a field observer to capture the most relevant content.

AnsuR’s software solutions thus provide communication for the surveillance, maintenance and management of e.g. private and public infrastructures, such as roads, railways, water management, telecommunication towers, electrical power lines, solar farms, oil and gas pipelines and more. Given the background of AnsuR’s software lies in disaster management, organizations with private disaster or emergency prevention and mitigation procedures can also benefit from the use of AnsuR products.  

AnsuR’s software suite can positively impact maintenance efficiency while reducing human risks and operational costs. Field personnel can be guided and supported by external experts so that situations can be handled in real-time. Maintenance and surveillance of key or remote assets can be managed effectively, with information communicated faster, and at a lower cost.



ASMIRA enables reliable video surveillance of remote infrastructures in locations which may have low network connectivity. ASMIRA allows use of high-resolution video cameras, such as 4K. A remote expert or operator can focus the transfer capacity on detailed regions of the video. Multiple sites can receive the video and support or guide each other through a built-in chat functionality. Read more »


ASIGN enables faster and more accurate visual communication of photos and videos between team members and their mission control center, also where bandwidth is limited, or satellite communication is used. The ASIGN Online Server provides a common operational picture for situational analysis and management. Read more »


Remote experts can support and guide pilots with UAV-ASIGN in inspecting assets, for an overall safer, faster and cheaper inspection approach. Highest resolution images can be seen in operational real-time from a remote location, allowing the expert to assess remotely, and also guide the pilot in their assessment. Read more »