AnsuR software solutions support effective disaster and emergency response and help in the management of natural and man-made disasters and incidents. ASIGN is suited for all local, national and regional operations. The ASIGN solution is currently used worldwide by emergency responders, including the United Nations, for rapid needs assessment and situational understanding and response.

AnsuR ASIGN software provides secure and flexible data collection and communication, enabling data collection with smartphones/tablets and UAV, and can provide a comprehensive common operational picture which allows for real-time analysis and decision making.

What makes AnsuR software particularly suited for disaster and emergency management is that it has been developed to work optimally in situations of low bandwidth and, in case no other network is available, through satellite communication. Satellite Communication is often an integrated part of disaster management, so solutions that also work with low bandwidth are needed. Our software guarantees that those in the field will be able to communicate efficiently no matter the situation.

AnsuR software solutions optimized for emergency, crisis and disaster management:


ASMIRA is the most flexible and robust video streaming software for satellite communication and low-rate networks. ASMIRA is communication-optimized, capable of transmitting HD images at data rates under 100kbps. It is a receiver-driven solution that facilitates high-resolution real-time video in situations where high or stable bandwidth may be a challenge. Read more »


ASIGN provides an optimal communication system that ensures photos and videos can be shared with disaster management teams even in the event of terrestrial communication failure. Remote experts can directly access the information through the ASIGN Server, assess the incoming data, pull more details if needed and can share the data onwards. Read more »


UAV-ASIGN helps emergency responders to safely and swiftly get an overview of critical situations by using small drones. With UAV-ASIGN, drones can be used tactically to assess infrastructure and damage, or in Search and Rescue to locate people who need assistance and find a safe route to reach them. Remote experts can view UAV observations in near real-time and guide pilots in the efficient collection of data. Read more »


UN-ASIGN empowers users to contribute reliable geo-tagged imagery, text and reports in crisis situations to the United Nations. UN-ASIGN is used worldwide. Observations also complement Satellite imagery rapid mapping, needs assessment and disaster response in major emergencies globally. As a UN Information Management tool, ASIGN helps the UN to make better decisions faster, specifically in the critical first days following a crisis. Read more »


Emergency situations are often unpredictable, and require various agencies to work together, share data, and coordinate a fast and effective response to mitigate the effects of the disaster.  For optimal resource allocation and coordination, during an emergency, precise and timely data from the field is crucial for the development of situational awareness, decision making and subsequent response. 

Nevertheless, disaster situations such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes or typhoons are characterized by widespread damage or outright destruction of the necessary infrastructures needed for fast data collection and communication. Roads may be blocked, bridges sunk, and mobile networks unavailable, meaning not only are the affected individuals both in a vulnerable and unreachable position, teams sent to aid the affected may find themselves in a similarly precarious situation. 

The collection and dissemination of visual data in such critical situations is what AnsuR software solutions have been developed to tackle, with each software product enabling the fast data collection from different sources to compile a comprehensive situational picture. 

Large UAVs with onboard processing or small UAVs equipped with the UAV-ASIGN App can be sent into the field ahead of first responders, collecting data on the impact of the disaster, the state of the infrastructure and the well-being of the population. Photos and videos can be communicated out of the field despite low or unavailable networks, and satellite communication can be used as a back-up which thanks to AnsuR’s software protocols, is now cheaper to use when communicating visual contents. Remote experts can see in real-time what the UAVs are observing and direct pilots in-flight.

The affected individuals or volunteers can use a version of ASIGN Crowdsourcing, such as UN-ASIGN, to provide photos of their surroundings and communicate the in-situ observations. 

Professional first responders can use ASIGN PRO to communicate important photo and video content, fill in reports, report their location, coordinate with team members and stay safe in the field.

All the incoming data is quickly received and overseen by a remote coordination center through the ASIGN Server. Information can be exported, integrated into mapping platforms, or used to complement Satellite imagery.

Organisations which can benefit from AnsuR's optimized data collection include:

UN Organisations

Government Entities



Private Companies