AnsuR was started in Oslo, Norway, in 2005, by Dr. Harald Skinnemoen, out of a desire to create ground breaking communication solutions for real-world situations. Since then, AnsuR has grown consistently to include a highly talented and focused group of people working to create the best innovative technology and solutions related to our focus area.

AnsuR has a dedicated team of software engineers updating and creating new software to provide the most reliable, innovative and user-friendly visual communication tools. AnsuR’s growing business development team focuses on building relationships with clients to make sure we provide an impeccable service which caters to your needs.

AnsuR is headquartered in Fornebu, near Oslo in Norway, with two satellite offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Washington, DC, USA.


AnsuR (pronounced as the English word Answer) is named after Norse Runes, used for more than 1000 years in northern Europe until the Latin alphabet took over. The Elder Futhark runes were the first ones, probably around since 100 AD, and the latest versions were in use in Scandinavia until the 20th Century.

All runes have fairly complex meanings, including spiritual and magic meanings. The rune A is called ansuR. It is the rune of the Gods, and implies inspiration, communication, wisdom, ideas and good advice. It is related to the provision of answers and wisdom from the Gods. AnsuR is thus an overall representation of inspiration, innovation and ideas.