The origin of our solutions is based on the wish of the European Space Centre and maritime industry for a global image and sensor communication system for situational awareness even in the most remote corners of the world.

As such, AnsuR solutions are optimized for visual Mission-Critical communications, providing a reliable and efficient tool for maintenance, event management, and remote inspection for the maritime industry. 

Considering the needs of the maritime industry, AnsuR has developed solutions specifically for the optimization of large-file interactive communication over satellite. AnsuR software makes available large data files which had previously not been operationally or economically feasible, for arctic oil and gas exploration, shipping and tourism industries. AnsuR’s software suite is optimized for low bandwidth and can send precise data by using up to 99% less bandwidth than conventional methods. This allows for observations to be sent up to 100x faster and can provide up to 99% Satcom costs savings.



ASMIRA is the most flexible and robust video streaming software for satellite communication and low-rate networks. ASMIRA is communication-optimized, capable of transmitting HD images at data rates under 100kbps. It is a receiver-driven solution that facilitates high-resolution real-time video in situations where high or stable bandwidth may be a challenge. Read more »


Perform inspections, surveys and maintenance using the ASIGN PRO smartphone application while at sea or at port. Use ASIGN for visual interactive communication and the collection and dissemination of assessment forms. Convey information to fleet operation centre or external service providers faster and at a lower cost. Read more »


UAVs can be used for a multitude of purposes, including inspection, monitoring or scouting and maritime Search & Rescue missions. Through the use of UAV-ASIGN, images collected with the UAV can be quickly sent to their remote destination even through low bandwidth or satellite communication. Read more »