ASIGN PRO is created for professional field users to collect and communicate data rapidly with the ASIGN Online decision makers, as well as other ASIGN PRO users. It is used by UN, Civil Protection and Police entities, and is optimized to support mobile satellite communication users.  ASIGN PRO is available as a smartphone application for iOS and Android. With ASIGN PRO, field users can reliably capture geo-tagged pictures and videos, fill out reports, and capture a tracklog all from their smartphone. 

PC and Linux embedded versions are also available for the communication of geo-spatial photo and video clips.

Able to send relevant content in full precision with only 1% of the capacity otherwise needed, ASIGN will work where many other communication tools may not. Most functions also work offline, with data sent automatically when network connection is restored.

ASIGN PRO can send data through any network, 3G/4G, satellite networks and private mobile radio networks like TETRA.

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The ASIGN PRO Smartphone application comes with the following features to optimize field data collection and coordination:

Assesment Forms

Create custom assessment or survey forms for users to easily fill out in the field both online and offline.


Field users can track their routes and automatically attach observations to their track.

Live Mission Stream

Team members can see what their other peers are sharing.


Set Geo-Alerts to warn field users about safe / unsafe zones. When crossing zones users are notified by messages.

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