AnsuR’s founders come from the satcom and space industry, bringing with them many decades of accumulated experience and knowledge regarding satellite navigation, earth observation and, in particular, communication. 

Satellite communication enables secure communication, coverage in the air, at sea or in remote areas and at times when other connectivity may be limited or even unavailable or unreliable, like during disasters.  

Barriers to the widespread adoption of SatCom may however include perceived high airtime cost and/or the low capacity / long transfer delay for data such as high definition photos and videos. This leads to trade-offs between cost / time / precision. 

When situations are critical, and content is important, a trade-off may not be desirable. Precision may be needed fast. 

Such cost and delay challenges are solved with AnsuR software solutions, where up to 99% of bandwidth can be saved when communicating photos and videos, while still providing relevant content in full precision.



ASMIRA is the most flexible and robust video streaming software for satellite communication and low-rate networks. ASMIRA is communication-optimized, capable of transmitting HD images at data rates under 100kbps. It is a receiver-driven solution that facilitates high-resolution real-time video in situations where high or stable bandwidth may be a challenge. Read more »


ASIGN provides an interactive communication system that enables photos and videos to be shared from the field to a remote headquarter through any kind of network, including satellite communication. ASIGN protocols ensure that images arrive quickly at their destination and focus bandwidth on operationally relevant information. Read more »


With UAV-ASIGN, drones can be used tactically to communicate photos and videos while in-flight through any network, including satellite communication, no matter how low the available data rate. This allows for real-time interaction between on-site pilots and remote experts who guide the data collection. Read more »