AnsuR software provides secure and flexible methods of data collection and communication. Data collection is enabled through smartphones, tablets, computers, small short-range UAVS as well as larger long-range UAVs, to provide a comprehensive common operational picture which allows for real-time analysis and decision making.

The software operates with any unknown, variable, or even unreliable, bandwidth-limited network, and supports geo and time-tagged photos and video communication with integration into maps. By using AnsuR solutions, photos and videos can be sent using up to 99% less bandwidth than through traditional methods. This allows for pictures and videos to be sent through low-bandwidth, satellite communications and even TETRA networks.

For increased security, all data collected through AnsuR software is encrypted end-to-end and can be securely stored within an organization’s private server for full ownership. 

AnsuR solutions aim to increase reliable communicative efficiency and shorten response time, making our software optimal for defense organizations including the Police, Military and Border Control.

Find out more about what AnsuR software fits your needs:


ASIGN PRO enables the interactive communication and sharing of images and videos between team members and their mission control centre even in areas or situations where bandwidth is limited. The ASIGN Server provides a platform that allows for the development of a common operational picture, and management, filtering and dissemination of relevant data. The ASIGN suite improves coordination, allows for faster decision-making, and shortens overall response time. Read more »


UAV-ASIGN supports defence and security forces by enabling the efficient capture and sharing of small drone images and video while the UAV is in flight. The tactical use of UAVs is increasing rapidly world-wide, as UAVs can help in Search & Rescue missions, reconnaissance, or in the patrolling of borders, infrastructures or properties. For these tasks and many more, UAV-ASIGN provides an optimal tool to communicate precision UAV observations fast, even in situations where the only available bandwidth is low or unstable. Read more »


ASMIRA facilitates monitoring and surveillance of remote sites which may experience low connectivity. The software reduces the bandwidth requirements to provide real-time video streaming. This also allows for live video streaming from a larger amount of fixed video cameras without compromising video quality, making ASMIRA optimal also for situations in which bandwidth is readily available. Read more »


Tactical UAVs are used by security and military forces in critical zones worldwide, with applications ranging from “eye in the sky” surveillance, tactical communications for forward troops, to path clearing operations in minefields. By enabling image and video streaming, greater range, real-time flight control, RAIDO delivers invaluable enhancements to an indispensable piece of tactical hardware. Read more »