Information is the foundation for decision-making in any crisis. For optimal resource allocation and short response-times, the flow of information must work seamlessly. While smartphone and web-based tools are attractive, commonly used cloud-based solutions are not suitable in severe disaster situations, as one cannot rely on a stable broadband connection.

ASIGN is an all-in-one assessment tool created with this issue in mind. It is an interactive solution that allows users the first send a smaller version of photos / videos and then pull the details needed.

To make sure that ASIGN works anywhere anytime, the software has integrated special protocols and tools to work smoothly with low data rates. These enable the fast communication of precise geo-tagged images, text and assessment forms even through low bandwidth cellular and mobile satellite communication networks. 

This allows for the efficient use of bandwidth and significantly speeds up the communication of observations without compromising for information quality or precision.


The ASIGN software suite has been designed with UN, emergency & disaster responders, police, civil protection, Satcom and UAV community, giving software tools that work even in the most challenging communications conditions. ASIGN is comprised of the:

  • ASIGN Online Server, a cloud-based platform with a UI where the incoming information is managed. The ASIGN server may also be hosted privately.
  • ASIGN Field Communicator, applications, that collect and send field information to the Server. It can run on various platforms.
  • GR4-COMS: Globally Rapid, Reliable, Resilient and Robust Communication protocols optimized for Mobile and Satellite. Secure end-to-end encryption.

Situational Awareness Portal & Information Management


The ASIGN Online Server Center receives and manages all the data collected in the field. It is designed to provide optimal situational awareness and decision-making support. 

It enables the effective management of ASIGN field users and incoming information, with features like user, mission, information management and advanced filtering of data, to enhance relevant information. 

The ASIGN server has an open API, and data can be exported into GIS mapping platforms, like ESRI, or integrated with other backend systems.


ASIGN field communicator tools provide the source data, and can run on PC, embedded platforms and smartphones:


ASIGN PRO is the professional all-in-one field assessment tool for smartphones. It is made for disaster, emergency, and security users needing to operate anywhere, anytime. It works both offline and online, with cellular, Satcom and TETRA networks. ASIGN PRO helps professional assessment teams share geo-referenced photos, videos, text and customized assessment forms. ASIGN has a number of configurable features, like 'live mission stream', where users see each other's observation, 360 image support, tracking and geo-alerts. Read more »


UAV-ASIGN is a smartphone application which enables drone operators to share high precision geo-tagged photo / video from drones in real-time. This offers a rapid response to the content and provides a way for remote experts to guide a pilot to capture the most relevant information. UAV-ASIGN can be used with DJI drones as well as any drone which uses a smartphone or Android / iOS as part of the remote control. Read more »


UN-ASIGN is a free to download smartphone application that empowers users to contribute reliable geo-tagged imagery, text and reports in crisis situations to UN. UN-ASIGN is used worldwide and observations have also been used to complement Satellite imagery for rapid mapping, and for needs assessment and disaster response in major emergencies in Asia and South America. Read more »


In some cases, organizations may need input from the civil population or information providers who have not installed an ASIGN native application. Therefore, we have developed the ASIGN Link web application. By sharing a link, users can easily follow the link and capture or share photos via the ASIGN Web application. Read more »